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COREXIN (Courier Express Inventory) an application system ever used by nanaservice to project Oshop / OChannel. Which is designed specifically for the needs of the Domestic Courier, City Courier and Stock Warehouse.

Where in development based on the work that has been applied (OChannel / OShop Project). COREXIN is designed to answer all the needs of enterprises engaged in the service delivery Express, Logistics & Distribution.
Present Condition
Based on the analysis, many problems faced by express delivery service companies in general are as follows:

a). Lack of information system that can provide timely and accurate data.
b). Still interruption of the path between the Sales Office and part of the distribution, so much going on complaints from customers.
c). Lack of tracing system capable of providing data quickly and easily.
d). Capacity and data security for the long term is still lacking.
e). The unavailability of a system capable of presenting the financial statements in "Real Time" with accurate data.
f). Price over budget. Which is considered very expensive.
COREXIN able to answer all these problems, the following is owned COREXIN Solution:

Starting from Domestic Courier, City Courier up to Logistics & Distribution is available in the Enterprise version COREXIN so it is appropriate if the company you want a system with the ability to complete and very profitable for the long-term investment because it does not need to make changes to your system.

COREXIN designed to follow and accommodate the needs of a business process, so that you will feel in line between business processes and supporting information systems.

With web based and Windows (desktop version) so as to facilitate its use and not to long to learn to use COREXIN. And also with a complete report system and Flow Processes proper will further enhance the control of the working process in the field.

Designed for enterprise-scale thus allowing you to be able to use COREXIN in the long term with the ability to accommodate very large data.
a). Multi User:
Where each user has access to each level.

b). Multi Tracing:
Desktop tracing.
Web tracing.
SMS tracing.
Blackberry tracing.
Android tracing.
Business Benefits
Real Time Transaction.
Can provide shipment status at that time also, when received, by whom, whom courier carrier, and for the stock in real time can be viewed directly via the web.

Full Control.
Each process data input can be traced whom, when? so it can keep track of data input errors. And it would provide efficiency against leakage in Operations.

Less Operator.
COREXIN has the concept of "Work Flow" so it does not require operator in large quantities. And it will save the use of human resources.

Automation Process.
Some COREXIN work process is done automatically, the operator admins only need to fill in the data in excel (with a predetermined format), this will save expenses for Human Resources.

Customer Care.
COREXIN provide modules that aim to satisfy customers like Tracing & Tracking, Customer Relation Management Etc., one of them with a Blackberry and Android Support.

Long Investment.
COREXIN capable of being used for a long time and is quite efficient to invest an Information System.

Customize Report.
We can build the form of a report in accordance with the wishes and the format that you want to match with what you expect. With the features of Excel Developer (Visual Basic) can either Customize Excel data.